In the wide open field of videoconferencing tools created by the pandemic, the Poly Studio P5 professional webcam should be at the top of your list of candidates for home or office use.

This USB 2.0 plug-and-play camera comes with an integrated Type A cable, privacy shutter, and an adjustable monitor clamp that doubles as a desktop base. Removable upper lens barrel is tripod ready.

Its cover hides a built-in USB-A port for connecting wireless adapters to headsets or other accessories. The eye shape features a rotating band around the front edge to open or close the lens to prevent accidental viewing in an impressive cylindrical design, which is a handy feature.

When you turn the dial clockwise, the three-piece red cover closes the lens chamber. Turning the dial counterclockwise removes the cover from the lens. In addition, an LED on the top of the lens barrel changes color from red to green as another safety indicator.

Poly Studio P5 Optics

Poly Studio P5 Professional Webcam (Image Credit: Poly)

Poly Studio P5, formerly Polycom/Plantronics, is one of the more interesting videoconferencing tools offered by the manufacturer. It has a solid feature set for an attractive price of $78.95.

flexible use cases

You can use the P5 as a desktop webcam or hook it up to a laptop computer without a built-in camera. Even better, you can plug this webcam into a laptop with an existing camera and quickly select a poly camera.

I especially like the ease with which I can transfer this webcam from one computer to another without having to install or reconfigure anything. This capability comes in handy in your home or company office with multiple computers.

Even with a first-time connection, all you have to do is plug in the USB cable and select Poly Cam in whatever conferencing application you use. No driver download is required.

Poly offers a free downloadable Poly Lens desktop app for custom controls. The app provides unique tools to adjust camera settings and other features.

Desktop apps are available for Windows and Apple computers. However unless you have specific needs, which include networking devices or special configurations, computer apps are unnecessary.

hi-tech glasses

Poly’s 1080p (Full HD) / 720P (HD) compatible hardware delivers 30 FPS (frames per second) with 80-degree diagonal field of view (DFOV) display. It has many built-in features that automatically improve video performance.

For example, autofocus with 4x zoom/EPTZ is included, as is a single directional microphone optimized for individual workstations. It provides 50 Hz to 16 kHz frequency response.

I had no trouble using the Poly P5 in various lighting conditions. The lens device automatically adjusts for dim or bright lighting environments.

Low-light quality and true color image technology are certified by Zoom and Microsoft Teams. The P5 is compatible with any application that supports the USB/UVC standards.

wide range of compatibility

The system requirements listed on the P5 data sheet are:

  • Windows version 8.1, 10, or later
  • Mac OS X version 10.7 or later
  • USB 2.0 Port

But if you have Linux or Chromebook computers you’re also in luck, although there’s nothing in Pauli’s documentation that indicates the P5 is compatible with any of these operating systems. Nor do the company’s download servers mention desktop applications or camera drivers for Linux or ChromeOS devices.

Since I use all those configurations, I was hoping for a one-size-fits-all videoconferencing solution. Chromebook cameras are notorious for their low-quality vidcams.

To my great surprise, the P5 did not disappoint. I plugged the USB cable into both the Linux and Chromebook computers, hoping that there was no second camera available. With Windows and Mac gear, the webcam lit up immediately with no configuration required—and performance was better than it was instead.

Since I have no use of the desktop application Video Tools to adjust the P5, I was ahead in all matters.

minor issues

P5 is the perfect solution to meet your personal and business needs. Although it has some issues, none of them are serious enough to be a deal breaker.

For example, the built-in microphone is mediocre in its sound output. Despite the directional microphone, the audio output is noisier and more muffled than I’d like.

The audio problem is minor, provided your computer has a plug-in or built-in microphone. If not, the additional port under the covers in the P5 comes in handy as a workaround.

Another example is a four-foot USB cable. If you connect the P5 to a laptop, you should have no problem accessing the port. However, on a desktop console that is not near a monitor, plug-ins can cause problems.

There’s a relatively easy fix in that case: just get a USB extension cable to add length.

Poly Studio P5 Webcam

image credit: poly

Poly Studio P5 Dimensions, Weight, Warranty

Camera body only:

  • 1.5 W x 1.3 H x 2.4 D (inch)
  • 37.7 W x 34 H x 62 D (mm)
  • 2.4oz / 68g

Camera with Monitor Clamp:

  • 2.4D x 1.7H x 2.7D (inch)
  • 60 W x 43 H x 68 D (mm)
  • 3.3oz / 98g


  • Includes two year limited warranty.

ground level

In most cases, the Poly Studio P5 Professional Webcam can outperform your built-in computer camera, and it works out of the box without any setup.

This handy tool, along with its free desktop applications, offers enhancement capabilities. Together they give you what their name implies – premium quality performance. If you do video presentations for work just add a better microphone.

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The KYY 15.6-inch Portable Monitor is a classy and functional portable monitor that works well as a permanent second monitor while traveling or for home and office use.

This portable display panel is lightweight and sturdy, making it a solid accessory for playing games. This greatly expands the field of view when using mobile phones or game consoles with smaller screens.

The large screen easily adapts to landscape or portrait orientation. Its multi-mode viewing feature offers built-in flexibility to improve work productivity as well as make leisure time fun and hassle-free.

Switching between modes depends on the performance features of the host computer. If provided, you use the computer’s display and orientation settings for Scene Mode, HDR Mode, and Three-in-One Display Mode view. The combination of Duplicate Mode/Extension Mode/Second Screen Mode makes this model quite suitable for meeting sharing scenarios.

Overall, this KYY portable monitor packs an impressive list of features at a low cost purchase. It’s currently available on Amazon in gray (pictured above) for a list price of $199.99, or in black for $219.99. At the time of this writing, Amazon has a “deal with” price for both colors at $161.49.

hands-on impressions

The brightness rating of this unit is 300 nits. By most standards, 300 nits is the mid-point for bright and clear visual acuity. Most low-end devices display at 250 nits.

Color saturation is slightly below the industry standard because this unit lacks Adobe RBG. But unless you intend to do a lot of graphic work and demand the best visual experience for gameplay and video viewing, not having Adobe RBG in the mix shouldn’t be a deal-breaker.

Despite these two factors, I was very satisfied with the 300-nit display’s sharpness and brightness. It was as good or better as my laptop and larger screen desktop monitor.

Overall, this portable monitor works with Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, and Mac Gear. It also plays well with game consoles including PS3, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

objective test

To evaluate portable monitors, I focus on one unit’s performance as another display. It is important to make sure that you make a suitable selection.

Portable monitors attached to computers and game consoles differ from a full desktop monitor. Portable monitors are convenient. But they may not be suitable enough to meet all your expectations.

For example, I often drag windows to another screen to expand screen real estate when working on various documents or video presentations. They come in handy when working on content creation or research.

KYY 15.6-inch Portable Monitor as a Laptop Display Extension

Simultaneous: The 14″ x 8″ viewing screen at 16:9 aspect ratio offers a fine-tuned second viewing panel next to a large-screen portable laptop.

This is an easy way to cut down on always navigating around multiple windows spread across multiple virtual workspaces, all of which share a single monitor. Keeping track of two side-by-side screens with different objects is a new habit for me.

This KYY portable display did its job well for graphics editing as well. It performed as well as the more expensive units I used with my office laptop and desktop.

My only complaint with this unit is a finicky toggle on the left vertical edge that wasn’t always responsive enough to access the panel’s menus for brightness settings.

what’s inside

The 15.6-inch unit sports a 1080p FHD IPS USB-C display. This is not a touch screen. But its performance and price offer a good collection of features.

Its slim profile of 0.3 inches is pretty standard for a portable monitor. The right vertical edge houses two USB Type-C full function ports and a mini-HDMI port. On the left vertical edge are an on/off button for settings and a toggle wheel for audio and video functions.

The first USB-C port is used for power supply. The second USB-C port is used for video transmission and power supply. Mini-HDMI port is used for video transmission but does not support power supply.

This is an important distinction. Portable monitors do not require a wall socket if the host computer or game console supports power through its Type-C USB port. But if you connect both the devices with HDMI cable, then you should use power plug for AC.

The KYY monitor comes with a USB-A to USB-C cable that can be connected to the included power plug as well as other devices. Two USB-C cables are also included.

The assortment of included cables and plugs is compatible with most laptops, smartphones, and PCs. However, not all smartphones are compatible.

You can plug a 3.5mm headphone into a port on the bottom left vertical edge of the panel. Two one-watt speakers are built into the middle of the left and right outer edges.

final thoughts

The KYY 15.6-inch Portable Monitor is an affordable solution for accessing your computing time for working, watching videos and gaming. It does not require any additional software and requires only minimal setup.

Once connected to the computer by cable, the host machine’s display settings will automatically detect the second monitor. You just select the options it provides for how you want it to work with your main display.