If you want a different approach to how you approach your online work productivity and gaming in 2023, InnoView makes your upgrade options easy with its recently released 27″ desktop monitor.

InnoView’s new desktop display adds to a range of portable monitors, such as the InnoView 15.6″ 4K HDR Touchscreen Portable Monitor we reviewed last spring.

This 27″ full desktop option offers an FHD 1080p gaming display with an ultra-thin screen that is HDMI and VESA capable, has a refresh rate of up to 100Hz, and a contrast ratio of 4,000:1. It also comes with an adjustable tilt stand and built-in speaker.

InnoView 27-Inch VESA and Base

The InnoView can mount or attach to a 27″ VESA mount on the included base. , Image credit: Inovue

The INVPM701/27” FHD/1080P is available from the InnoView Store on Amazon for US$159.99. There is also a 24” version available on Amazon for $119.99. The models have similar characteristics.

inner workings

This large screen features an advanced, ergonomic design and ultra-wide viewing angles that deliver crisp, clear, detailed images from any angle. Its black metal body, sturdy slim metal stand and ultra-thin frame are simple and elegant.

You can adjust the vertical screen angle from -5° to +20°, which reduces the strain on the shoulders and neck during long screen time for work or play.

The maximum display resolution of 1920 x 1080 combined with the 4,000:1 contrast ratio makes the screen content crisp.

Users will find that the 100Hz refresh rate is an asset for playing games and viewing videos and other graphic images. Picture changes are sharp and smooth due to the graphics card and monitor refresh rate being synchronized to eliminate stuttering.

InnoView 27-inch vertical angle from -5° to +20°

The vertical angle of the InnoView 27″ screen adjusts from -5° to +20° Image credit: InnoView

The result is smooth stitched video and real-time motion in fast-paced action scenes. The monitor’s response speed is 8ms, which contributes to the elimination of blurriness, tearing, and ghosting. Its low blue light and HDR technology help relieve eye fatigue over long periods of use.

What I generally consider borderline weak is a desktop monitor’s brightness rating of 250 cm2 (equivalent to 250 nits). However, its very high contrast ratio makes a big difference in improving the overall display.

Coverage of 99% of the sRGB color gamut is well within acceptable standard norms. 8-bit grayscale for over 16.7 million colors on the 27″ monitor delivers vivid detail and superior image quality.

exterior design

This desktop monitor has a matte finish and a black display screen, and works with most common graphics cards.

An HDMI cable is included in the box, but if you use a VGA cable to connect your current monitor, you can use it with this display. Though for a standard setup, HDMI is the way to go.

On the back of the panel are a VGA port and an HDMI port for connecting to PCs, laptops, Chromebooks, game consoles, and other devices. This monitor also has an audio-out port for connecting headphones.

InnoView INVPM701/27

InnoView INVPM701/27″ Rear Port | Image credit: Inovue

Its On-Screen Display (OSD) menu provides access to various use cases. You can switch settings for screen sharing, image or video editing, watching movies, and games.

poor sound quality

My only disappointment is the monitor’s speakers.

To test the video quality, I first connected the monitor using my existing VGA cable. Obviously, the two tiny internal speakers on the 27″ monitor didn’t work at that point because VGA doesn’t carry audio signals.

To test the sound, I connected an HDMI cable to the HDMI port. Still, the results were less than satisfactory. Even after maxing out the onboard volume setting, the output sounded tinny and flat.

I switched the audio output to the laptop’s internal speakers, which resulted in much better sound quality. But neither compared to the deep, rich sounds produced by external speakers connected to my docking station.

If the monitor’s speakers are the only option, gamers and users needing loud and clear audio for video calls or audio playback will be sorely disappointed.

final thoughts

This 27″ monitor is impressive and well worth the purchase price, and its large display improves my normal computing routine.

My primary desktop is connected to a 24″ monitor. My laptop is connected to another 24″ monitor and several peripherals via the docking station. This combination lets me use the laptop’s 15-1/2″ screen as a second monitor, which comes in handy when I need to work with Windows that displays data I’d otherwise need on the larger monitor. Viewing is required when working with open windows.

The 27″ display makes it very easy to display more and larger windows on an external screen. The extra screen real estate provides better productivity and may eliminate the need for smaller laptop screens.

InnoView 27 Inch Monitor

photo by author

My desktop has a touchscreen, but I rarely reach across the desk to touch it. So, I don’t miss having a touchscreen with this InnoView desktop monitor.

One annoyance, however, is the tiny, hard-to-find OSD buttons under the bottom bezel. The plastic buttons at the top are hard to find when my fingers slide around to find them.

Overall, the 27″ desktop monitor from InnoView is the nearly perfect way to increase productivity with a larger monitor. The big picture delivers a more enjoyable computing experience at an affordable price.

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