Significant scientific research recognizes that climate has affected humans and animals over the past decades. Reasonable people can, and should, argue about the severity effect level. But it is also logical to ask what the world can do to reduce the impact of climate change in a practical, cost-friendly and measurable way.

Schneider Electric is arguably the undisputed leader in the digital transformation of energy management. Equally important, few companies have a technology legacy, global credibility and authoritative reputation in energy and sustainability.

The 186-year-old company has stood firm in its view that access to energy and digital technology is a fundamental human right. To implement that vision, Schneider Electric offers a wide range of energy and automation digital products that help individuals, homeowners and businesses become more efficient and sustainable.

From a practical standpoint, Schneider Electric solutions – often integrated from a hardware, software and services standpoint – often appear in homes, buildings, data centers, infrastructure (such as airports) and industrial entities.

event on time

Last week, the company used its annual customer and partner event in Las Vegas, called the Innovation Summit, to announce several new offerings to its energy management business.

Interestingly, its timing could not be more surprising given the complexity of the current instability of the energy environment, which has sent raw material and energy prices to four-decade highs.

Schneider Electric's Energy-as-a-Service solution showcased at Innovation Summit 2022

Schneider Electric’s energy-as-a-service solution on display at Innovation Summit 2022 (Image credit: SmartTech Research)

Ultimately, the goal should be to remove significant sources of energy waste and emissions. The focus on smart grid deployment and simplifying building energy management, a historic Schneider Electric strength, are all decisive steps that could help take the environmental football to the field.

new eco-friendly solutions

With this as a backdrop, Schneider Electric used Innovation World to announce four new solutions that will help companies strategize, digitize and decarbonize their daily operations, accelerate sustainability goals, and address the current energy disaster. To provide necessary help and support. These capabilities seek to eliminate many of the world’s most potent greenhouse gases from energy-based infrastructure.

SM Airset

On the emissions front, the company announced the SM AirSat, a green, digital solution powered by air purifiers.

SM AirSat targets utilities and industries to reduce their environmental footprint and optimize their operation and maintenance.

EcoStruxure for Renewable Energy

Renewing its focus on the energy grid, the company is updating the legacy strategy of its Grid of the Future, Schneider Electric, to enhance the promise of clean, renewable energy.

The company’s new solution, Ecostructure for Renewables, is attractive as it pools new technologies and 21st century digital twin integrations to help renewable agriculture operators bring renewables to market faster.

It is innovative and reflects the much needed urgency in the market. This new capability utilizes digital continuity by combining hybrid power sources into the operations of farm operators.

Schneider Electric was one of the first companies committed to the belief that the world should reach a net-zero carbon emissions currency as soon as possible.

Ecostructure Energy Hub

The company’s new EcoStructure Energy Hub allows businesses to embrace their net-zero goals by facilitating energy awareness, compliance, optimization and performance.

Essentially, this solution is an easy-to-use and highly secure IoT SaaS (Software as a Service) offering that creates visibility into the energy and emissions profiles of installations and streamlines the management of building energy systems.

The solution was initially launched in the United States, but will be released in select countries during the remainder of 2022, with global availability in 2023.


Finally, the Schneider Electric EcoCare program can be compared to a premium credit card-like concierge service for energy organizations. The offering aims to help customers leverage their energy and internal resources by accessing Schneider Electric’s expertise in electrical and industrial equipment, sustainability, mission-critical power, and digital and analytics competencies.

Furthermore, EcoCare is designed as an integrated, IoT-enabled bundle of professional 24/7 support, with a focus on deep insight into asset status and understanding efficiency and potential sustainability enhancements.

Analyst Tech

Before we finish, take a quick look at several demos at Schneider Electric’s Innovation Summit:

There is no doubt that the global economy is facing unprecedented changes in the energy sector. While climate change and decarbonization targets are the main drivers of this change, energy security and independence concerns also play a powerful role.

With these announcements, Schneider deserves credit for playing the key role behind the goal of making electric energy more electric and perhaps more importantly digital. Often described as the power 4.0 phase in the energy sector, the digitization component of Schneider Electric’s strategy is a challenge for the industry as a whole.

However, the Innovation Summit was not just about innovative and much-needed solutions. Perhaps what struck me most during the event were the eloquence, humility, and common-sense commentary from Jean-Pascal Tricoire, CEO and President of Schneider Electric, and Amir Paul (pictured above), the company’s North America was the chairman of.

The two officials spoke passionately about the urgency needed to confront the world’s current “triple” crises – energy, economic and climate – facing global governments.

Schneider Electric CEO Jean-Pascal speaking at the Trichore Innovation Summit 2022

Jean-Pascal Trichoir, CEO of Schneider Electric, speaking at the Innovation Summit 2022 (Image credit: SmartTech Research)

Refreshingly, the company also believes that the investment costs needed to pivot the world to more sustainable and energy-efficient sources must be affordable. This need is extremely important and cannot be dismissed. After all, the energy sector includes many legacy companies with aggressive bottom lines where transformation costs play a significant role in how quickly they move.

Ultimately, governments need to hit the accelerator by removing, or at least dramatically reducing, the bureaucracy involved from regulatory perspectives so that these new technologies and solutions can be implemented friction-free, a The general theme that pervades many keynote presentations.

This was a common theme that pervaded the main presentations during the event. My recent experience installing EV chargers in my multi-residential condo building, while a single case, tells me that local governments have a long way to go.

closing thoughts

Schneider Electric propelled itself with enthusiasm, vision and passion during its Innovation Summit. The company has set a high benchmark for what the world needs to do to transform itself into a more sustainable and energy-efficient entity. The remaining question is whether the world’s economies are up to the challenge.

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